October 12, 2020

A Little Corner Moment...


Each corner of your home counts! Since I can remember I have always been very attracted to quite, cozy areas and seating on a cute comfortable corner is priceless. 

In this specific moment in life, finding balance trying to figure out the new way of living can be, well...A challenge. But, most things in life can be figured out by simply sitting down, doing the math and realizing the cost of your decisions. All of that can start in a small, cute cozy corner of your home. When you can not find me anywhere else, you can find me here. Most likely with a cup of coffee but depending of the day and time it can be some other drink... ;)

Pillow covers and art can be purchase on the website. If you need a custom order of pillows or art contact us via the contact form on the website

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October 05, 2020

Taking The Angled Direction...

Taking the angled direction in this pic to show you a full view of the world map and also a nice take on my favorite comfy chairs I bought from Ikea a while back at a very decent price. 

As you know my take on decor is very simple but it has to have character! My home has to be inviting to the point that when I am outside my home I am craving to come back to feel at peace and make memories. This and all other spaces I will be showing you next say exactly so. I'm so happy with this little corner!

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